College Preparation
Preparing students to succeed in college has been an academic focus at MVCS from opening day in 1974. College preparation at MVCS goes beyond just setting high academic standards in the classroom. We offer an array of services to our families to help students succeed when they graduate.

College Guidance
MVCS' college guidance web site provides students an array of resources for considering, selecting, applying to and paying for colleges. Visit the site at

AP Classes
Our high school course curriculum includes AP classes in math, English and social studies for interested students. At the end of the year students take the AP exam for the opportunity to be exempted from certain courses in college, giving them a head start on their university careers.

Honors Classes
MVCS also offers a variety of honors courses for students seeking additional academic challenge. Examples will be Spanish 3/4, College Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Physics, Anatomy and Physiology, etc.

ACT Preparation
Performing well on the ACT and SAT translates into wider academic opportunities and better financial support in college, things that MVCS values for its students. ACT preparation is integrated into the curriculum for MVCS math and English classes. Last year MVCS offered an ACT Boot Camp, an intensive weekend course offering students refreshers on test materials, valuable test taking skills and a a time, proctored practice exam.

MVCS is also pleased to offer ACT testing on our campus twice a year, giving students an opportunity to take the test in a familiar, comfortable environment.

Our school guidance counselor is available to help students and parents understand the registration and testing process and answer any questions about the ACT or SAT.

University Selection and Scholarships
MVCS regularly brings in recruiters from Christian and secular universities from around the nation to speak to our high school students about opportunities at their institutions. Opportunity is given for our juniors and seniors to take part in the University fair held in Las Cruces each year.

We strongly encourage our students to apply for any and all scholarship opportunities and support them in those efforts.

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