What makes MVCS different?
Mission Statement

Mesilla Valley Christian School supports the home, church, and community by equipping the next generation of godly servant leaders with an exceptional Christ-centered, college preparatory education.


MVCS develops students who treasure knowledge and represent Christ through noble character and steadfast relationships with Him.

Our Core Values

Christian Basis - a ministry team committed to following Christ, inspiring students to a saving faith in Christ so that they become life-long disciples through the study of His revealed truth in the Bible.

Education Focus - Teaching a curriculum founded on a Christian world view to establish high academic standards and mature conduct.

Character Development - Fostered in a positive learning environment with godly role models where servant hood, team-work, and leadership are promoted.

Evangelical Outreach - Graduating servant-leaders to be lights of the world in college and career endeavors.

Stewardship of Resources - Being responsible for God-given resources by maintaining modern facilities and providing adequate faculty and staff compensation.